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Casual, IDLE, Ecology game

Stop the climate change! Gather plastics, recycle and a 3D print to save the ocean!

Join players from around the world and help the earth by cleaning up its oceans! The world needs your help to save marine life from water pollution. Build your ocean cleaning company, research  possibilities, hire best crew and beat other players on leaderboards by proving who's the best ocean cleaner!

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Strategy, IDLE, Simulation game

Colonize the galaxy with Xols - a friendly alien race that loves to work! Gather resources, build, discover ores and unique planets!

Step into the role of space admiral who leads alien race of Xol in colonizing planets. Build solar panels, oxygen generators, food farms and use the resources to build a colony and make room for alien inhabitants. Extract ores, refine, research technology projects. Hire the best astronauts to discover new planets and colonize the galaxy!


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